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Do vision boards work?

Click here to read “Self-awareness increases self-discipline. You need to understand this part in order to understand vision boards.

Here is the value I hope you take away from this scientific fact: The difference between your ideal self and your present self creates in your mind a tension which psychologists call cognitive dissonance.

Your mind does not like this tension. Your subconscious mind experiences it as mental discomfort and goes to work to re-establish a state of equilibrium (comfort).

First off, what is a vision board? A vision board is a collection of your ideals in pictures: your ideal body, your ideal car, your ideal partner, your ideal home, etc.

The more often your eyeballs land on your vision board, the clearer the mental imprint of your ideals. Mental clarity is power. The clearer your ideals are, the higher the mental tension between your present situation and your ideal situation. The magnitude of the cognitive dissonance created in your mind is higher proportionally to the mental tension between the ideal and the actual.

To understand this, think of a dam. When the height through which water falls is low, little energy is generated upon impact. When the height through which water falls is high, more energy is generated upon impact. You can use the same analogy with yourself. If you climb on your chair and jump to the ground, your knees and back will take a little shock. If you climbed on the roof and jumped to the ground, your knees and back will take a higher shock.

Cognitive dissonance works in a similar way. The higher the mental clarity between the actual and the ideal, the greater the energy unleashed to resolve this difference.

Mental Toughness - Mental Clarity is power.

Do vision boards work? Yes, vision boards work because they sharpen the cognitive dissonance in your mind.


Your subconscious mind is not some mystical, magical mechanism that will resolve the cognitive dissonance without any conscious effort from you.

It does not work like that!

Mental Toughness - Click here to find out how the subconscious mind works?

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